Day: August 6, 2021

Safe In His Hands – Genesis 50


The story of Joseph is a hard one to read. It seemed he couldn’t catch a break. Author A.W. Tozer once said, ‘It is doubtful that God ever used anybody greatly without first hurting him deeply”, and Joseph knew this firsthand. But even through his lowest of lows and highest of highs, Joseph recognized that it was the hand of God working in all things to bring about His will. …

Psalm 42:11

The sons of Korah were Levities from the family of Kohath. Korah, the grandson of Kohath, led a rebellion against Moses during the Exodus. In response, God judged Korah and the 250 men with him, killing all except the sons of Korah. So you’d think the sons of Korah in their despair would turn away from God in bitterness and anger. But the Bible tells us that instead, seven generations later, they became caretakers at God’s temple, and were known as great leaders in singing and orchestral music in the tabernacle.

Instead of giving into the darkness, they let the light of hope in God fill their hearts. They returned to Him in praise and rejoicing. In our times of despair we too need to return to God. We need the comfort of being wrapped in His love, warmed by His light, and showered in His grace. So in good times, and especially bad, wait on God, hope in God, and in all things, rejoice!