August 7th – Psalm 147:3

Psalm 147:3

During the pandemic, we gained a new appreciation for health care workers. Those who everyday answered the call to help the suffering. As Christians, we have the greatest frontline worker of all, God. He is on call 24-7 ready, willing, and able to rush to the rescue of all who call upon Him for help. And there is no injury, beyond His healing. No matter what hurts, God can bind the injury, and ease the pain. He is our Father in heaven who loves us with an unfathomable and unending love. And when His children hurt, He wants us to come to Him,  o appointment needed! To trust in His love, grace, and ability to cure our minds, bodies, and spirits, of all wounds. When we turn to Him, God will wrap us in His arms of love and mending. He will give us rest and recuperation. And best of all, His mending leaves no scar, is free of charge, and leaves us better off than we were before we were hurt!