August 8th – Deuteronomy 31:8

Deuteronomy 31:8

We live in a constantly changing world. And currently one full of turmoil and division. Change is hard, and for some it  produces anxiety and fear. Israel knew those feelings well. After following their beloved leader Moses for forty years, God dropped the bombshell that the next trek of their journey would be under the guidance of someone new. Yet in that change, God still promised to be by their side through every challenge. A promise He gives to us as well.  No matter the road we walk, whether crooked or straight, God has already cleared the path ahead. And through every trial, He is there holding our hands every step of the way. His love calms our fears, His strength carries us through, and His grace gives us peace, as we walk in Him. We never need fear or give in to discouragement. For the Creator of the universe, Ruler of all, will never leave our side or abandon us, even in the darkest of days.