August 11th – Psalm 3:3

Psalm 3:3

We all know the pain of betrayal. And when that betrayal comes from a loved one, the sting is that much more painful. David knew this well. When his own son, Absalom rose up against him and seized the throne of Israel, David was forced to flee for his life. Many thought David had no chance of escape and that God had turned against him. Yet in his despair, David never lost faith that God would deliver him. Though his enemies surrounded him, David could sleep in peace at night knowing he was resting safely in God’s protection. And each morning he woke up with renewed confidence to face the dangers ahead. Just like David, when the wolves are howling at the door, God promises to sustain us both in sleeping and waking up. And no matter how stacked the deck is against us, we can rejoice knowing whatever the storm, God has already given us the victory!