Day: August 17, 2021

News Of The Day – August 17th

Hamas Congratulates Taliban For Afghanistan Takeover

The extremist terror group Hamas, which have long called for the eradication of Israel, are celebrating the turmoil in Afghanistan. In response to the Taliban re-conquest, Hamas congratulated the Afghan people for “defeating” the US. “We congratulate the Muslim Afghan people for the defeat of the American occupation on all Afghan lands, and we congratulate the Taliban movement and its brave leadership on this victory, which culminated its long struggle over the past 20 years,” Hamas said in a statement.  Read more about the conflict here.


Devastating earthquake Hits Haiti

Over the weekend, Haiti was hit by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that crumbled homes and buildings, including churches. Every church seen by reporters from The New York Times in a 15-mile drive in and around Les Cayes was completely destroyed or severely damaged. The cathedral in the city of Jeremie, an architectural landmark built more than a century ago, was left in ruins. On Monday, as heavy rains threatened floods and mudslides in the region, civil defense officials raised the death toll to more than 1,400 and said nearly 7,000 people had been injured. Read more about the devastation here.


Hobby Lobby Loses Transgender Bathroom Case

Hobby Lobby violated an Illinois anti-discrimination law when it prohibited a biological male employee who identifies as female from using the women’s restroom, an appeals court ruled Friday. The unanimous decision by a three-judge state appeals court panel upheld a ruling by the state’s Human Rights Commission, which had fined Hobby Lobby $220,000 and ruled the company violated the Illinois Human Rights Act when its store prohibited Meggan Sommerville, a transgender woman, from using the women’s restroom. The store instead allowed her to use a unisex restroom. Read more about the 11 year old fight here.


British Boy Raises Funds For Hospice By Camping

As Max Woosey and his parents helped to care for a dying neighbor, the man gave Max his tent. Max camped in his backyard for 500 nights to raise funds for hospice care. He raised more than $750,000. Told to “go have an adventure”, Max started camping in his backyard through the cold and rain hoping to raise a couple hundred bucks for North Devon Hospice, which took care of his friend. After 500 consecutive nights, Max has raised more than $750,000. With his plush stuffed animals to keep him cozy, he posted updates on his fundraising page. Read more about this remarkable young man here.




August 17th – Esther 4:14

Esther 4:14

With all of the violence and persecution facing Christians around the world, it’s easy to get discouraged. But now more than ever, it’s time to stop remaining silent and start working for God’s kingdom. Because with or without us, God’s plans will be fulfilled. And it’s up to us whether or not we choose to receive the blessing of being a useful part of that plan. Think of Esther. If she hadn’t answered God’s call, He still would have saved His people. But Esther wouldn’t have shared in God’s glory, or had been queen if she told God no. As Christians we are called “with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began” (2 Tim. 1:9). That means in His perfect timing, God has placed us right where He wants us. So no matter the circumstance, rejoice! For not only has God made you for a time such as this, He gives us the privilege of working with Him hand in hand!