Day: August 19, 2021

News Of the Day – August 19th

Well Known Bible Prophecy Teacher Dies From Covid-19

Bible prophecy teacher, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Sr., passed away early Sunday morning, according to his wife Judy from Covid-19 complications.  Dr. DeYoung hosted a daily radio program, “Prophecy Today”, that was heard on several hundred radio stations including WDYN, the station he signed on the air in 1968.  Dr. DeYoung traveled the world teaching Bible Prophecy. His lessons are heard on the Bible Broadcasting Network, Moody Radio Network and VCY America among others. He was also a credentialed journalist.  He reported from Israel for 23 years. Read more about Dr. DeYoung here.


Huge Fire Just Outside Of Israel Contained

Israel asked allies for help as the country battled a wildfire outside of Jerusalem that started over the weekend. Initially, Israel’s Fire and Rescue Service was able to gain control of the fire, but it then spread to burn about 5,000 acres of forested area near west Jerusalem. 10,000 people were evacuated, and at least 10 firefighting planes and several hundred firefighters were deployed to the area, working to form defensive lines around the enormous blaze. The fire was caused by people, but it is unknown whether it was deliberate arson or negligence. Read more about the fire here.


Pope Francis Calls For Peace In Afghanistan

Pope Francis called for an end to the conflict in Israel and Gaza, saying the deaths of so many innocent people in recent days, including children, was unacceptable. From a window overlooking St. Peter’s Square, the pope asked for prayers “so that the clamor of weapons may cease and solutions may be found at the negotiating table.” He added that “only in this way, may the battered population of the country return to their homes and live in peace and safety, with full mutual respect.” The Taliban entered Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul on Sunday. Read more about the Pope’s plea here.


Olympic Silver Medalist Auctions Off Medal For A Great Cause

In true Olympic spirit, Polish javelin thrower Maria Andrejczyk put her silver medal up for auction to help save an infant’s life. Miłoszek Małysa, an 8-month-old boy who needs to travel from Poland to Stanford University in California to have life-saving heart surgery was the recipient of her good will. She didn’t know Małysa, but she knew his cause was the right choice  While she cherishes her Olympic accomplishment, she decided that putting the medal up for auction was of more value than keeping it herself. A Polish convenience store chain called Zabka made the winning bid who in turn retuned the medal to Maria. Read more about this generous athlete here. 


August 19th – Psalm 4:7

Psalm 4:7

The end of summer brings with it harvest time. The time when farmers, and home gardeners finally get to see the bountiful results of all of their hard work. They rejoice in the abundance of grain and wine. Yet David, who suffered great hardships, says the joy they feel is nothing compared to the abundance of the joy of the Lord. More often than not, David found himself surrounded by peril. Yet no matter the circumstance, his joy remained strong. Because David knew that great, lasting happiness doesn’t come from the world. It comes from having a close, personal relationship with the Lord. For hope placed in earthly circumstances is hope misplaced. True and lasting joy is only found in Jesus. For through Him we have hope of the resurrection to eternal life in heaven. A joy and hope that nothing in this world can ever take away!