August 29th – Acts 5:41

Acts 5:41

When the Council of Pharisees and the chief priests had Peter and the apostles beaten for spreading the message of Jesus, you’d think they would have stopped preaching. But instead, bloodied and bruised, they rejoiced for being worthy of suffering for the Lord. As Christians we risk persecution and even physical safety for sharing the gospel. Yet like Peter, instead of defeating us, it should empower us to stand firm in faith. For God tells us to consider it a great blessing to suffer and identify with our Savior. Because the Enemy saves his greatest attacks for the strongest of Christians. Those who are actively working for God in expanding His kingdom. The last thing he wants is for us to share the Good News of Jesus and rip souls out of his hands. But that’s what we are called to do, and we need to have courage and determination to serve God above all else. So rejoice when you have the honor of suffering for Jesus, the One who suffered to save you!