Month: August 2021

August 3rd – Psalm 34:8

Psalm 34:8

My son has always been a finicky eater. And getting him to try anything new is a challenge. So in encouraging him to take at least take one bite I say the familiar phrase, “Try it you might like it.” And more often than not, he finds himself enjoying the goodness of what he’s tasting. David knew firsthand the goodness of the Lord. In all of his trials, David took refuge in God. He tasted God’s protection, love, forgiveness, and blessing. And he wants the same for us. But David doesn’t want us to take his word for it. Instead he wants to taste for ourselves how good God is. To experience the peace, love, and security that can be found in Him alone. To rejoice in all circumstances because God is our refuge. So try God. You might like Him! And as Matthew Henry says, “Let God’s goodness be rolled under the tongue as a sweet morsel.”

August 2nd – Jeremiah 31:3

Jeremiah 31:3

No matter the miracles God performed, the blessings He bestowed, or the rescues He delivered, Israel repeatedly turned against Him. Yet though they were disloyal and disobedient, God never abandoned His chosen people. And all because of His everlasting love. A love that He generously gives to all who love Him, including us.

And just like Israel, when we turn away from God, He never turns away from us. He may discipline us, distant Himself from us, or allow us to suffer the consequences of our actions. But He will never forsake us or stop loving us. For His love is perfect, true, and everlasting. And out of that love, no matter who we are or what we do, when we come to Him in repentance, Go will always restore us back to Himself. So in the midst of troubles and trials, we can find joy knowing that when we run to God, He will welcome us with open arms.

August 1st – Psalm 42:5

Psalm 42:5

Between politics, religion, and vaccinations, division is running rampant within our country. No wonder so many are feeling discouraged and hopeless. Friends are turning against friends. Family members aren’t speaking to each other. And violence against those with disagreeing opinions is on the rise. The psalmist in Psalm 42 knew that feeling well. He longed to go worship at God’s temple. But as Jerusalem was divided, those who lived in the northern area were banned from traveling south where the temple was located. Yet he refused to despair. For no matter the schemes of the Enemy to divide, hurt, and bring God’s people to ruin, when we put our hope in God alone, praising Him in all things, we have no room for discouragement. For hope brings with it joy, peace, and love. And as Samuel Smiles says, “Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey towards it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.”