Day: September 1, 2021

September 1st – Matthew 9:37

Matthew 9:37

If there’s anyone who knows about labor shortages, it’s Jesus. When looking over the huge crowd of people all coming to Him for healing and teaching, He was filled with compassion. Like sheep, they were lost and alone without a shepherd to guide and protect them. The people were eager and desperate for the message of hope Jesus provided, ripe and ready for harvesting. Yet the workers were few. So Jesus, our great Shepherd, issued a calling. Go and reap the field of lost souls and bring them home to His flock. How? Through prayer and action. First we need to plead that God will send out the workers needed to get the job done. Second, we need to be willing and ready to be those workers. To go out into the field and glean it of every soul for the Lord. For the harvest is great and the time to reap is upon us!