Day: September 3, 2021

Hear My cry O God – Psalm 61


Psalm 61

What a week it has been for our country.  I’m sure that like me, your heats have been heavy over the tragedies that have unfolded. We look around at the world today so filled with hate violence, and suffering, and our hearts cry out to God for deliverance. In Psalm 61 David too cries out, “Hear my cry O God.” Even though he was a great king, David knew that he desperately needed God. …

September 3rd – 2 Corinthians 9:10

2 Corinthians 9:10 

Novelist Henry Fielding once said, “Riches without charity are worth nothing. They are a blessing only to him who makes them a blessing to others.” A sentiment perfectly exampled by farmers of the field, who through sowing the seeds, and working the land, produce a bountiful harvest. A harvest they use not only to feed themselves and their families, but countless of others as well. And as followers of Jesus, we are to be laborers in God’s fields, sharing our bounty with the world. For Jesus is the original great Sower, and God the supplier of the good seed. And the seeds He gives us are to be used as blessings for the world. To bring forth a fruitful harvest of righteousness for God’s kingdom and glory. So go out and bountifully spread the seeds of God everywhere. Feed the world with Lord’s goodness and share with them how through Jesus Christ, their souls will never hunger again!