September 4th – Matthew 13:30

Matthew 13:30

I remember a time when young son stood on the porch with a proud grin on his face and flowers in his hands. “Look mama. I picked these for you!” he happily said. To my dismay there in his little hands was a bouquet of my garden flowers mingled with some weeds. Not knowing the difference between the two, he picked a handful and gave them to me to sort out. Jesus is our great Sorter, and He tells us so in the parable of the wheat and tares. After planting his field, an enemy of the farmer came along and planted weed seeds, to sabotage the good harvest. And because the wheat and the weeds look so similar, the farmer had to wait until harvest time to separate the two. At the time of the Lord’s great harvest, He too will reap both the wheat and the tares. Christ will sort out His precious bounty, bringing them to dwell with Him forever, binding the rest as weeds, to be discarded and separated from Him for eternity.