September 5th – 85:12

Psalm 85:12 

Israel was in turmoil. They had experienced invasion, exile, and internal division. The land was barren and the people suffering. All because they had turned their back on God. Yet the sons of Korah knew God had rescued Israel before, and so they pleaded to Him for restoration and revival once more. The current stage of our country is much like ancient Israel. We too have turned away from God. And now we are reaping the the consequences of that disastrous decision. And like the sons of Korah, we need to get our knees and cry out to God. For without His hand of blessing our upon our country, it is doomed. We His people, need to repent and return to our Father in heaven. And pray that in His great righteousness, God will not withhold what it is good. That He will instead revive our country and send all we need to be a fruitful, obedient land dedicated to producing a bountiful harvest for the Lord.