September 6th – Ecclesiastes 2:24

Ecclesiastes 2:24

Happy Labor Day. The official end to summer, and a day set apart to honor the toil and contribution of workers everywhere. And as we celebrate, part of that celebration should be thanksgiving to God for the work He gives us. Although work may not seem like a blessing, the happiness we get from a finished job or the satisfaction of a job well done comes from our Father in heaven. For every enjoyment in life we receive is from the hand of God. Even the simple things in life like eating and drinking are gifts we enjoy through the blessings of the Lord. And that includes working. That’s why Solomon tells us to be grateful for the labor God gives us to do. For all good things come from Him, and apart from God, no true and lasting enjoyment can be found. So as we enjoy resting on this holiday, thank God for the privilege of working. And one day we will reap our reward hearing our Father say, “Well done My good and faithful servant! “