September 10th – Hosea 10:12

Hosea 10:12

Much of the hardship Israel endured, was a result of her disobedience to God. The people did as they pleased and forsook the ways of the Lord. And the United States is quickly following suit. Our country has also turned away from God. Its heart has grown hard and has been overtaken by the weeds of sin. And like Israel, we need to heed the warning of Hosea who tells us now is time to come back to God. The time to break up the fallow, unusable ground in the gardens of our hearts. To till under the tares of disobedience, bringing forth the rich, fertile soil of faith underneath. We are to sow seeds of righteousness, reaping mercy and love. For time is running out. The Day of the Lord will soon be upon us. And now is time to seek Him until He comes to rain His righteousness upon us.