September 11th – Proverbs 25:13

Proverbs 25:13

Did you know the phrase, “a breath of fresh air”, originally came from the phrase, “a breath of heaven”? As His ambassadors to the world, that’s who God calls us to be. We are to be faithful, loyal, and true representatives of the Lord. Breaths of fresh air to a world stifled in sin. At harvest time, the workers were weary and parched. And so cool refreshing drinks were brought by messengers to ease their suffering. We are those messengers dispatched by God to a suffering world. A world thirsty for the relief of God’s redemptive, merciful, and refreshing love. And when we comfort others, not only are we blessing them, we too are blessed. For God finds joy in those who faithfully are the instruments through which He sends relief. It pleases His heart to see His children working in loving obedience. Those who faithfully bring sustenance to a people lost, hurting, and searching for refreshment of their souls that only God can provide.