September 11th – Matthew 13:23

Matthew 13:23

In the parable of the sower, or parable of the four soils, Jesus explains four different responses of people who hear the Gospel. The first is a hard soil, in which the seed, (the Word of God), does not penetrate the heart. And God’s seed becomes nothing more than food for the birds. The next is stony soil. It provides just enough for the seed to sprout, but doesn’t have the depth needed for the seed to take root. And at the first sign of trouble, the seed withers and dies, and God’s Word forgotten. The thorny soil, allows the seed to grow, but the love of the world takes over. It chokes out the good plants with weeds and produce no fruit. But the good soil is fertile and eager to receive the seed of God. It hears, understands, and obeys His Word, producing much fruit. It sprouts and blooms in glory to the Lord. The good soil provides a bountiful harvest for God to reap. So let me ask, which soil are you?