September 13th – revelation 14:15

Revelation 14:15

When the harvest of the earth is ripe, none will escape the mighty sickle of God. For as lovingly as He gleans the righteous, He will just as fiercely strike down the wicked. His judgement will be swift, final, and when carried out, leave none standing. We serve the God of second chances. Yet His patience has an end. For over four millennium, God has stayed His judgement. For He wishes none to perish. (2 Peter 3:9) But one day soon, the trumpets will blare and time will have run out. Even as we speak there is an angel in God’s heavenly temple. He is eagerly waiting for the time when he will cry out with a loud voice to “one like a son of man.” And at his urging, with one fell swoop, the Lord will reap the earth. So now while there is still time, receive Jesus as your Savior. Become part of God’s precious wheat laid up in His glorious storehouse, rather than a discarded tare thrown in the fire to burn away.