September 17th – John 4:36

John 4:36

God’s fields are in need of many workers. And each of us have an important role to play. Some will sow seeds, other will nourish those seeds, and still others will reap the seed. But regardless of our duty, we can all rejoice together over the bounty of the Lord’s harvest. And to each of us, the laborers of God, He gives mighty promises. Our work in the harvest will be rewarded. The goodness of our work will last forever. And each one of us will share in the happiness of the harvest. Just like the angels who rejoice over every saved soul (Luke 15:10), we too will celebrate the sweetness of God’s crop. But the days are growing short before the time of planting is over forever. And no more will the fields give up their goodness. So now, while we still can, we need to roll up our sleeves and get our hands beautifully dirty in God’s soil. Time to plant, nourish, and reap the seeds of God’s Word. So that at the time of God’s great harvest, we can celebrate with endless joy!