September 19th – Leviticus 19:9

Leviticus 19:9

Caring for the needy is an idea we can all agree on. But when it comes to putting that idea into action, how many of us step up to the plate? As Christians being charitable isn’t just a suggestion, God says it’s an obligation. When the ancient Israelites harvested their fields, they did so following the rules of God. Rules set up so that the bounty of the fields benefited everyone. For the poor, hungry, and hurting, have a special place in the Lord’s heart. And as His followers, they should have one in our hearts as well. Because once we were in need of charity; needy, poor in spirit, and dead in our sin. But Christ in His amazing love, gave to us the greatest charity of all; the gift of eternal life. And out of hearts of overflowing thankfulness, we should be eager and cheerful to give. The way in which we care for the needy is a direct reflection of our love for Jesus. And to honor the Lord is to extend charity to others based in love, and peppered with grace.