September 26th – Isaiah 9:3

Isaiah 9:3

The prophet Isaiah often brought with him words of doom and gloom for the nation of Israel. And for the disobedient Judah, a promise of destruction at the hands of the king of Assyria. But God never disciplines without a promise of restoration. And that restoration came through His begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Because He is holy, perfect, and true, God cannot leave sin unpunished. Yet in His great love, He Himself paid the penalty for our transgressions through the blood of Christ. And the Lord’s victory at the Cross forever broke the yoke of burden and the rod of oppression of the Enemy. So now, like Israel, we can rejoice with gladness. For one day soon, Jesus will return as our conquering King. And like the time of harvest, there will be great gladness, where we will celebrate the Lord’s complete victory over Satan!