September 27th – James 5:7

James 5:7

Endurance can be defined as the act of bearing or suffering; a continuing patience under pain or distress without being overcome. As Christians, our lives should be shining examples of patient endurance. One that waits expectantly and joyfully for the return of the Lord; no matter what. To illustrate patience, James uses the example of a farmer. From seeding until harvest, he must wait to see the result of his work in the precious produce of the soil. And the same goes for us. The work we do for the Lord, we do with the sweet anticipation of laying our precious produce before the Lord. For one day soon Christ will be returning. James tells us the “Judge is at the door”. So until then may we be over-comers of the world. Workers of God’s kingdom, who patiently endure the trials of life. And May we follow the advice of James who tells us to, “strengthen our hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near.” (James 5:8)