Day: October 7, 2021

News Of The Day – October 7th

Temporary Block Placed On Texas Anti Abortion Law

A federal judge temporarily blocked Texas’ near-total abortion ban Wednesday as part of a lawsuit the Biden administration launched against the state over its new law that bars abortions as early as six weeks of pregnancy. The state of Texas quickly filed a notice of appeal and will almost definitely seek an emergency stay of the judge’s order.  Abortion providers in the state, who want the law struck down permanently, have said that with the restrictions lifted for now, abortions will be resumed as soon as possible. Read more about the court case here.


Christian Nurse Sues Hospital After Claims She Forced Out Of Job For Cross Necklace

Devout Christian Mary Onuoha claims she was forced out of her job of 18 years at Croydon University Hospital in London, because the crucifix was a health and safety risk. Onuoha, who wears the necklace as a symbol of her faith, says she was subjected to a campaign of harassment in which she was “treated like a criminal”, despite other religious staff members being allowed to wear jewelry, saris, turbans and hijabs. She says the situation escalated in August 2018 when bosses ordered her to remove the cross on the grounds that it breached the hospital dress code and was therefore a health risk to her and the patients. Read more about her lawsuit here.


6,000 People Receive Christ As Their savior At SoCal Harvest Event

Pastor Greg Laurie welcomed people to Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California Sunday for SoCal Harvest while others around the world enjoyed the event online. “We are all still rejoicing over what God did at the SoCal Harvest last Sunday night at Angel Stadium. The stadium was packed with people worshipping God,” Laurie wrote in a Facebook post. “My message title was, ‘What You Are Really Looking For.’ 40,000 were in the stadium and 200,000 watched online around the world. Best of all, 6,000 people made professions of faith, both in-person and online! To God be the Glory! Thank you all for your prayers!” Read more about the event here.


Doctors Help Critically Ill Pregnant Woman Survive and Save Her Baby

Earlier this year 37-year-old Candice Cruise, was given an explanation for why she was struggling with an increasingly worsening shortness of breath: she had a disease called pulmonary hypertension. But being 21 weeks pregnant, meant extra complications. So doctors sustained Cruise for weeks on a specialized life support mostly used for COVID-19 patients, all to hold off a necessary lung transplant long enough for a team to deliver her premature baby. Doctors are saying it’s a world first, and a wild ride for both the family and the team that gathered to see mother and child through it safely. Read more about this miracle mom and baby here.


October 7th – Ephesians 5:1

Ephesians 5:1

When my son was little he used to love to imitate everything my husband did. From stomping around in his work boots, to pretending he was drinking coffee before going to work. He was always trying to be just like his daddy. And as Christians, we too should be imitators of our Father in heaven. Living lives that reflect the grace, kindness, mercy, and love of Jesus. For the Lord is our perfect example in all things. And with hearts and attitudes of thankfulness, each day we should be striving to grow more into the beautiful likeness of our Savior. That means casting aside our fleshly living with it’s lustful desires, and “me first” attitude. And instead imitating the life of Jesus by walking in truth, obedience, humility, and love. So whoever sees us knows by our actions, to whom we belong. That we are the children of the most high God, and a fragrant aroma to the world!