October 10th – Romans 9:26

Romans 9:26

Do you ever find yourself questioning God over the people He blesses and the mercy He shows? So did the Israelites. They knew they were God’s children and He was their God. So what business did He have including the Gentiles in His plan? Yet God’s children are all of the people of the earth. And in His great mercy, that none of us deserve, has offered salvation to both Jew and Gentile alike. Because Our Father in heaven loves all of His children, He wants each of us to become adopted heirs into His family. And as the sovereign Creator, He alone chooses who will receive His mercy and compassion. It was always God’s plan from the beginning to have one family, reconciled to Himself through Christ. And His plans are always best. So although we may not understand His ways or reasonings, we can trust Him. Most of all, we should be grateful for the love and unmerited grace He shows to us, sinners who deserve nothing, but who through Christ, received everything.