October 15th – 1 Timothy 4:12

1 Timothy 4:12

The world today is obsessed with youth. And instead of growing older being seen as a gift, our society fights it tooth and nail. But when it comes to wisdom, the young are usually dismissed for lack of experience. And this was the case for Timothy. As a young church leader, Timothy needed the encouragement he received from Paul to be strong, and influential to all generations by his conduct. And the same goes for us. No matter our age, we are all valuable children in God’s family. Each of us has a specific purpose in the ministry. And like Timothy, we all are to be examples of Christ with our words, actions, love, and faith. So may we seek to display those godly, fruits of the Spirit for all to see. And may we never look down on fellow believers. Because young or old, we are all precious to God, and we are called to present ourselves as godly examples in a fallen world.