Day: October 16, 2021

Man Plans, God Laughs – Proverbs 16

Proverbs 16 

I’m a list maker. I love to sit down with a cup of hot coffee and make a list of things I need to do for the day. My lists keep me organized, and I get a small feeling of accomplishment as I cross off each task. One Friday night I sat down with my trusted pad of paper and pen, and eagerly wrote down all of the things I planned to get done over the weekend. And as I went to sleep that night with the thoughts of all I wanted to tackle, I awoke to a son with a migraine, a dog having stomach issues, an unexpected early morning visitor, and a complete change in the plans I had so carefully laid out. Hence the quote Man plans, and God laughs. …

October 16th – Mark 9:37

Mark 9:37

It is said that you can judge the character of a person by the way they treat those who can do nothing for them. Jesus uses children to hit the point home. Children are some of the most vulnerable in our society. Those who have to humbly trust others to care for them and meet their needs. And Jesus says the way we treat and value them reveals the status of our hearts. As innocents, children have no power, leading them to depend on those greater than themselves. So true believers seek to help, teach, empower, and receive them into God’s kingdom. Not for our own power or glory, but all for God’s, as we act in faithful obedience. Because Jesus calls us all to be like little children. To have a faith that is true, humble, and completely dependent on God. And most of all, our Savior came to be last and a servant to all, so when we honor and receive a child, we honor and receive Christ Himself.