October 21st – 1 Peter 2:9

1 Peter 2:9

Of all the different races of people in the world, the most wonderful one is God’s chosen race. A race with no color, or ethnicity. An inclusive race of brothers in sisters in Christ called by God as His own possession. We are a royal priesthood and holy nation, set apart by God. And to be a priest of God means we have duties God expects us to carry out. First we are to be teaching the Word to all who would listen. Next we are to become mediators for the sinful, constantly offering up prayers to God on their behalf. For the Lord called us, His children out of darkness and into His wonderful light. So that we can gloriously represent Him to a dark and fallen worldly. I once heard Christian’s described as beautiful stained glass through which the sunlight of God shines. And this darkened in which we live is in desperate need of God’s light, love, and goodness.