October 22nd – Mark 10:17

Mark 10:17

With Halloween soon approaching, the fascination with ghosts, vampires, and the undead is in full gear. And although we know those spooky things aren’t real, there is a way we can live forever. The Lord and  His disciples were headed to the area on the other side of the Jordan River from Judea. A young man who encountered the Lord, knelt before Him, asking how to obtain eternal life. But Jesus’ answer sends him away grieved. Because the Lord replied that the only way to live forever is to perfectly obey God’s commandments. But when the man says that he’s done that, Jesus says he’s still lacking one thing. To sell all of his worldly possessions, give them to the poor, and follow Him. But the man was unwilling. Was Jesus being unreasonable? Not at all! What He wanted the young man to see was that eternal life is not achieved by our own doing. It is a free gift of love that comes only from the mercy of God and the blood of Jesus Christ.