Day: October 28, 2021

News Of The Day – October 28th

Biden State Department Issues First Passport With X Gender Marker

The State Department on Wednesday issued the first U.S. passport with an “X” gender marker, granting a third option for American passport holders who do not identify as female or male. The move was announced by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and said it means Americans will no longer require a medical certificate to opt-out of choosing a specific gender. The department did not specify to whom the passport was issued. Evangelist Franklin Graham criticized the move and urged Christians to pray for the nation. Read more about the passport here.


Second City In Ohio Criminalizes Abortion

The city of Mason, Ohio, recently voted to criminalize abortion. As per the ordinance, anyone who violates the ban could receive a $2,500 fine per abortion and up to a year in prison. Additionally, anyone who “aids and abets” an abortion will become “a criminal and a felon.” The ordinance was drafted by the Mason City Council in collaboration with Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn, a Texas-based nonprofit. The group has previously helped at least 39 cities in Texas, Nebraska and Ohio ban abortions. Mason’s abortion ban, scheduled to go into effect in November, is the second city in Ohio to ban abortion after the city of Lebanon. Read more about the ban here.


Popular Astronomer Says World Was Made By Aliens In A Lab

Avi Loeb, bestselling author and the former chair of Harvard’s astronomy department, penned an op-ed in Scientific American this week positing that the universe could have been formed in a lab by an “advanced technological civilization.” Loeb has also insisted in the past, that aliens have already visited the earth. Ken Ham, Director and CEO of Answers In Genesis, answered Loeb’s claims by responding. “It’s obvious our universe didn’t come from nothing and that there is a Creator – but sinful hearts suppress the truth and will believe in anything (literally anything) rather than accept the truth of God’s Word,” Read more about the alien theory here.


Giant Eagle Owl Spotted After Being Unseen For 150 Years

British scientists working in Ghana have rediscovered a “holy grail” giant owl that has lurked almost unseen in African rainforests for 150 years. “Shelley’s Eagle Owl” was spotted in October in what has been hailed as a “sensational discovery” by ecologists. With only a few thousand thought to be in existence, the species is officially classified as being at risk of extinction. Before the photo snapped earlier this month, there have been no confirmed sightings of the giant bird since the 1870s. It is one of the largest species of owl, and females can grow to a total length of 30 in., with a wingspan of 6 ft 2 in., with males being slightly smaller. Read more about the owl here.

October 28th – Titus 3:3

Titus 3:3

As children who depend on our heavenly Father’s care, blessings, and strength everyday, it can be hard to understand how others can reject such a love. And sometimes that lack of understanding can come across as condescending, unloving, and hypocritical to unbelievers. That’s why Paul reminds Titus, and us, how Christians ought to behave. For once we too lived in darkness. We lived lives filled with every kind of sin, void of hope, and separated from God. But in His unmerited mercy, God rescued us from the jaws of death. Allowing us to live in the glorious light of His saving love. And so in treating others, we need to remember the amazing grace in which God treats us. We are to minister to the lost with a humble, gentle, compassionate, and loving spirit. So that the good deeds they see us do, will glorify our Father in heaven. (Matt. 5:16)