Day: October 29, 2021

Anchored To Jesus – Matthew 11

Matthew 11

“Life is difficult for everyone;  everyone has bad days.  Everyone has trouble in their life because it doesn’t matter how rich you are, sickness, trouble, worry, and love; these things will mess with you at every level of life.” Domhnall Gleeson …

October 29th – Romans 8:23

Romans 8:23

We know as Christians we aren’t exempt from suffering. And as part of God’s creation, we cry out, “Maranatha! Come soon Lord Jesus! Come and establish your kingdom on earth, destroying sin and the power it holds forever.” From the moment of Adam and Eve’s sin, all of creation began to decay and die. And as a result, it groans with longing for God to return it to its former glory. The word “groaning”, comes from the root word sustenazo, meaning to moan and cry out together. As believers, we groan for God’s restoration. And one day those cries will be answered with a shout and blare of the trumpet. We the children of God, along with the dead in Christ, will be changed. In a twinkling of an eye the old and decayed will be replaced with new, glorified bodies. And together with Jesus, we will live on the earth which will be restored to its original glory.