November 6th – 1 Peter 4:16

1 Peter 4:16

Some scholars say that back in Peter’s time, being called a Christian was used as an insult by unbelievers. But we know there is nothing more wonderful than being known as a follower of Christ. And what an honor it is to suffer for Jesus’ sake. For one day, His glory will be revealed to all. And every knee will bow, every mouth confess Him as Lord. So any pain we experience as a Christian, we will do so thankfully, boldly, and without shame. Because nowhere do we resemble Christ more than when we endure hardship for His name and glory. In a world that tries to remove God from everything, Christian’s will face mockery, abuse, and even death. But oh the rewards we will receive when we stand before the Lord as overcomers. For just as we share in Christ’s suffering, we will share in His glory!