November 15th – Exodus 15:1

Exodus 15:1

Many Christians frown upon celebrating holidays due to their pagan roots. But that’s not true with Thanksgiving. With the original day of December 13, 1621, the colonists started the tradition of giving thanks. A day set aside for feasting, prayer, and gratitude to God for all of His provisions. The Biblical definition of thanksgiving is “the act of acknowledging what is right about God in prayer and thanks.” And having gratitude to God comes up around 125 times throughout the Bible. That makes it pretty clear how important hearts of thanksgiving are to the Lord. The first thing the Israelites did when safely crossing the Red Sea was to sing a song of praise to God. For they knew that all good things in life only come from the Lord, especially their deliverance. And no matter the circumstance we face, there is always something to be thankful for. So this holiday and all days in between, from hearts overflowing with thanks, let our lips constantly be singing God’s praises!