November 20th – Psalm 103:12

Psalm 103:12 

When someone sins against you do you ever find yourself saying, “I’ll forgive but I won’t forget!” Thankfully God doesn’t hold such a view. For He declares that not only does He forgive our sins, He removes them as far as the East is from the West. But why not as far as the North is from the South? Because due to the poles, traveling North to South is a limited amount of miles. You can’t travel North without eventually having to turn around and go South. But you can travel East to West forever without stopping. And that’s how God deals with our sin. When we come to Him in confession and repentance, He not only forgives, He removes the stain of our sin forever, remembering them never again. So let go of the guilt and shame of the past. Forgive yourself and others as God has forgiven you. And experience the victory of the Lord’s sweet forgiveness in your life!