November 29th – Luke 12:7

Luke 12:7

Although it varies by both the individual and the color, a person averages around 100,00 hairs on their head at one time. That’s a lot of hairs to count, yet God knows the exact number each person has. Why? Because with His hands, He created every individual specifically according to His purpose and plans. And to Him, we are of great value. He loves us unconditionally, perfectly, and without end. As His beloved children, our Father in heaven cares about every part of our lives. God is deeply devoted to everything He makes, especially us, because we were created in His image. The Lord knows us intimately. Better than we even know ourselves. He knows our our good and bad, our problems and victories, and our joy and pain. And He collects every tear we shed in His bottle. (Ps. 56:8) How thankful are we that even if the whole world rejects us, God never will. For He loves us like no other!