Month: November 2021

November 22nd – Lamentations 3:22-23

Lamentations 3:22-23

Everything in life has an expiration date, even us. But there is one thing that never dies. And that is the love God both feels and demonstrates to those He calls His own. It never waivers, never changes, and never leaves us. And because God is the Author of love, the perfect love He gives isn’t because of our goodness, but His. For we fail Him daily, and could never deserve the great devotion and affection our Father lavishes on us. Yet out of His great faithfulness, God’s mercies are new each morning. With the dawn of each day, He gives us a fresh supply of His love and compassion. And how thankful are we that no matter how many times we mess up, each morning brings with it a chance to start over. To do better than the day before. Knowing that even on the days where we get up on the wrong side of the bed, God doesn’t. He is there always, waiting to give to us His mercies!

November 21st – Psalm 119:105

Psalm 119:105

There’s no two ways about it. Life can be hard. Each day is filled with its own challenges and choices. So no wonder there are a million self-help books out there. But there is only one book we need. Only one which is a perfect compass and guidebook for life; the Bible. Christians don’t need to wander around in darkness looking for the correct path. We have the Word of God to light our way leading us in the right direction. Our Father knows that we stumble. He knows the trials we face and the questions we have. And so from His great love, He provided us with His perfect manual to navigate every situation. The Bible is our guide, helper, deliverer, peace, joy, redemption and our everlasting promise. We can rejoice and gives thanks knowing no matter what life throws at us, we have the Word of God to perfectly light our way!

November 20th – Psalm 103:12

Psalm 103:12 

When someone sins against you do you ever find yourself saying, “I’ll forgive but I won’t forget!” Thankfully God doesn’t hold such a view. For He declares that not only does He forgive our sins, He removes them as far as the East is from the West. But why not as far as the North is from the South? Because due to the poles, traveling North to South is a limited amount of miles. You can’t travel North without eventually having to turn around and go South. But you can travel East to West forever without stopping. And that’s how God deals with our sin. When we come to Him in confession and repentance, He not only forgives, He removes the stain of our sin forever, remembering them never again. So let go of the guilt and shame of the past. Forgive yourself and others as God has forgiven you. And experience the victory of the Lord’s sweet forgiveness in your life!

A New Heaven and Earth – Revelation 21-22

Revelation 21-22

Do you ever wonder how we as believers will spend eternity? In the last chapters of Revelation, John answers that question when he reveals what is known as the “eternal state”, or the eternal destiny of believers. And the picture he paints is one of such peace, joy, and love, that I too can’t help but cry, “Maranatha!” Come Lord Jesus! …

November 19th – Micah 7:18

Micah 7:18

There’s a quotes which says, “The ones who love you will never leave you. Even if there are a hundred reasons to give up, they will find one reason to hold on.” People, hurt, disappoint, and desert us. But there is One who loves us unconditionally, and no matter what will never leave nor forsake us. And that is God. Even though we fail Him daily, and give Him plenty of reasons to, God will ever give up on us. Never! Israel rebelled repeatedly against God. Yet even now, He hasn’t abandoned His chosen people. The prophet Micah took great hope in God’s forgiveness and grace. Knowing the Father would one day send His Son as Savior to the world, the prophet declares, “Who is a God like You?” Indeed, who is like our God? My heart cries out in thankfulness. For our Father, full of mercy and delighting in unchanging love, soon forgets His anger. And He is always there waiting to welcome us back into His loving arms.

News Of the Day – November 18th

New Poll Shows 38% Of Pastors Considering Quitting

Everyone has suffered throughout the pandemic, and pastors are no different. Many American Protestant church leaders want out, a new survey released on Tuesday has found. Reasons for their desire to quit the job is burnout, isolation, and the global pandemic, all of which had placed extreme pressure on church leaders over the past 24 months. According to the Washington Times, evangelical Christian research firm Barna Group just released a new survey that found about 38% of Protestant pastors admitted they were so stressed by their jobs that they were forced to “seriously consider” leaving full-time ministry. Read more about the survey here.


California Supreme Court To Decide If Pronoun Misuse Can Lead To Jailtime

The California Supreme Court will decide whether those who refuse to use LGBT pronouns should be put to jail or not. The law signed in 2017 by then-Gov. Jerry Brown, placed new restrictions on long-term care facilities and was geared toward protecting LGBT residents, yet a section on pronouns has sparked major pushback. The section makes it unlawful to “willfully and repeatedly fail to use a resident’s preferred name or pronouns after being clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns.” Violating the law could subject the employee to criminal penalties, including fines and jail time. Read more abut the case here.


Researchers Identify 102 Students Who Died At Native American School In Nebraska

Researchers in Nebraska have found the names of 102 indigenous children who died at a federal boarding school in the Genoa, Nebraska area during its operation between 1884 and 1934. The US Indian School was operated by the federal government between 1884 and 1934. Brutal punishments and hard labor were commonplace for students, large numbers of whom were removed from their families and homelands against their will, prohibited from speaking tribal languages and forced to convert to Christianity in an effort to subdue or eliminate Indian culture. Read more about the discovery here. 


D.C. Church Offers Free Gas To 250 Drivers

Members of a Washington D.C. church filled the cars of 250 people with free gasoline and led eight people to Jesus Christ. At the event, titled “Gas on God,” members from the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church (GMCHC) served their community by putting $20 of fuel in motorists’ vehicles. The event was held at a local BP gas station. While some church members fueled gasoline into people’s cars, Tamar Shaw took it a step further and asked if anyone needed prayer. In turn, she witnessed four individuals accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. By the end of the event, eight total people decided to dedicate their lives to Christ. Read more about the event here.


November 18th – Isaiah 55:12

Isaiah 55:12

Even though the Israelites were in captivity in Babylon, God promised His people that they would once again taste the goodness of joy. A promise He makes to us as well. For even though we live in the captivity of sin, one day we too will walk in freedom. Because of the great fall of man, barrenness, thorns, and fruitlessness resulted. But one glorious day, God will restore all of His creation to its former glory. He will remove the curse of decay and ruin. Everything will shine from the beauty of God’s glory, including us. We too will be restored, never again suffering death. Instead we will delight ourselves in the Lord’s abundance. And the joy felt will be great! So great that even the mountains, hills, and trees, will break forth with shouts of joy and clapping. So give thanks to the Lord for His gift of restoration born out of His great love!

November 17th – Psalm 30:12

Psalm 30:12

We all suffer heartbreak. And sometimes the sorrow is so deep and painful, we feel like we can’t take another step. It’s often during these times of trials that we wonder where God is. If He loves us, why does He let us suffer? King David knew these feelings well. He was God’s beloved, but he still faced many tribulations throughout his life. Yet David sings with gladness and thankfulness to the Lord. When we are hurting the last thing we want to do is give thanks. But God calls us to do just that. Not because it’s an ego boost for the Lord, but because it’s the best therapy for our pain. When our eyes and hearts are focused on God and all He does for us, our sorrow will be drowned out by His goodness. Our mourning will turn into dancing and our sorrow into rejoicing. God never lets us suffer anything without a purpose. So we can give thanks knowing all things are in His hands and all things are used for our good, even our greatest heartaches. (Romans 8:28)

News Of The Day – November 16th

Charities Feeling The Pain Of Supply Chain Problems

The rising cost of items due to the supply chain delays are really putting a squeeze on how much good charities can do in the community. For so many nonprofits, the holidays are prime time for fundraising. But delays with the supply chain are impacting that effort, too. Hundreds of charities across the country are feeling the crunch of the global supply chain crisis. New research shows that nearly half of churches and faith organizations are involved in feeding the hungry, and this year they’re forced to shift processes based on longer wait times, product shortages, and unstable market expectations. Read more about the crisis here.


Texas Church Congregation Chants “Let’s Go Brandon”

A video posted Saturday on Twitter showing a crowd chanting “Let’s go Brandon” during an event at Cornerstone Church, has been viewed more than 2 million times. The phrase was chanted at the Reawaken America Tour rally at San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church, where popular author John Hagee serves as pastor. Christian leaders and pastors on social media joined others in criticizing the rally for chanting the phrase. Author Rod Dreher tweeted, “This is blasphemous. Shame, shame, shame! What kind of church is this?!? Repent and believe the Gospel!” Read more about the event here.


Pastor Killed for Refusing To Remove Church Building In Uganda

Saying a church pastor would “face the wrath from Allah” for refusing to remove his church building, Muslim extremists in eastern Uganda on Oct. 26 killed him on his animals’ grazing fields, sources said. Pastor Stephen Lugwire of Bunangwe estate in the predominantly Muslim area of Nangonde, Namutumba District, had gone to his fields when he was killed. He was 58. While untying his sheep from a tree trunk, three men dressed in Islamic attire shouted at them in a language unknown to her, said the pastors daughter, Brenda Lugwire. They were brandishing long knives and blunt objects, and one yelled that Pastor Lugwire was a “kafir,” or infidel, who had harmed the religion of Allah, she said. Read more about the murder here.


600 Year Old Bible Pendant Found

A 600-year-old Bible pendant that may have belonged to the family of an English king was uncovered in recent weeks by a metal detectorist who, at first, thought it was a gift shop trinket. The tiny pendant – roughly the size of a thumbnail – weighs about two-tenths of an ounce and was made of pure gold, according to the BBC. Experts say it may have belonged to relatives of King Richard III (1452 to 1485). He owned the land around the property and served as king from 1483 to 1485. The pendant depicts two patron saints of Catholicism: St. Leonard and St. Margaret. The pendant is currently in the possession of the Yorkshire Museum. It likely is worth more than $100,000. Read more about the discovery here.


November 16th – Matthew 6:25

Matthew 6:25

If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and clean water to drink, you are richer than 75% of the world. Much is there to be thankful for. Because as Christians, God provides for those who love Him and follow His commandments. Fear and anxiety are powerful tools of the enemy. But God did not design us to be anxious or worried. In His Sermon on the Mount Jesus told the crowds, “Do not worry then, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear for clothing?’….Do not worry about tomorrow.” (Matt. 6:31,34) Our loving Father knows what we need, and promises to fill those needs. All we have to do is trust in His provision. Throughout their 40 year journey, not once did the Israelites go without. From their food, clothing, and shelter, God never failed them.(Deut. 29:4-6) And He won’t fail us. So rejoice and give thanks. For in God’s goodness, He gives us everything we need to live a godly life. (2 Peter 1:3)