December 4th – Psalm 89:1-4

Psalm 89:1-4

We all have our favorite Christmas song, and singing it fills our hearts with joy and memories. And even though we all aren’t blessed with ear pleasing voices, the gift of praising God in song is one reserved for man alone. Each Advent season many songs are sung, including the Psalms. And Psalm 89 is on the list. Why? Because it contains God’s promise that a king from the family of David would forever be on the throne. A promise realized with the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As a great light of salvation, Jesus came as the King of the world to save us from darkness and sin. So Christmas or not, because of God’s great gift, I will forever sing of His lovingkindness. My lips will forever praise His name. And whether my voice is in tune or not, I will sing loud and proud of my God. Singing of His love, mercy, and of His Son, who came to lay down His life to save mine.