December 8th – Matthew 1:18-25

Matthew 1:18-25

When we see the nativity scene, we are reminded of the precious gift of our Savior. But also found in that stable is a reminder of the faithfulness of a man named Joseph. A man who stands in the shadows, but whose obedience to God is a lesson for us all. Any other man after learning his fiancé was pregnant by another, would have walked away, or wanted her to be punished. But Joseph wanted neither. Instead when visited by an angel of Lord telling Joseph of Mary’s divine conception, he was willing to obey God. No matter the personal cost. For Joseph not only loved God, he loved Mary and the child she was carrying. So in that love and faithfulness, Joseph obeyed God and named the child Jesus. And that act of obedience accomplished two things. First, it gave the Son of God an earthly father. And second, gave Jesus his noble ancestry as a descendent of the house of David, fulfilling the prophecy of God.