December 10th – Luke 1:30-45

Luke 1:30-45

During the time of Jesus’ birth, the customary age for betrothal was 13 or 14. And Mary was probably around this young age when Joseph asked her to marry him. Think about that! And at her tender age not only did Mary get a proposal, she was also visited by the angel Gabriel. God’s angel came to the young girl to announce that Mary would give birth to the Savior of the world. Now Jewish tradition demanded harsh treatment for unmarried pregnant women. Religious leaders would have dealt with her severely. Yet Mary remained strong in her faith responding, “…may it be done according to your word.” (Luke 26:38. Mary was an ordinary girl with extraordinary faith. A faith tested constantly as she watched her beloved child suffer, and lay down His life for the whole world. A good and faithful servant, she is an model and inspiration to us all.