Day: December 16, 2021

News Of The Day – December 16th

Denzel Washington Says It’s Spiritual Warfare In The Last Days

Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington is ready to do battle. The actor opened up about the spiritual aspect of his Christian faith and highlighted the importance of having an “anchor” in an ever-changing culture. Washington is gearing up for the release of his new film “Macbeth,” and in an in-depth interview with The New York Times, the actor and his co-stars talked about his Christian faith. The entertainer then shared his view of Heaven, explaining that “there are going to be two lines, the long line and the short line, and I’m interested in being in the short line.” Read more about his Christian views and new movie here.


Christian Finance Expert Dave Ramsey Sued For Religious Discrimination

A former employee of Christian finance guru Dave Ramsey is suing his former boss for religious discrimination, claiming he was fired for putting his faith in science and not prayer during the COVID-19 pandemic. The complaint cites comments made by Ramsey early in the pandemic, saying that anyone who wore a mask was a “wuss.” Brad Amos, who filed the suit, requested to be able to work from home in order to safeguard his family’s well-being. That request, according to the complaint, was seen as a “weakness of spirit.” And when Amos refused to comply with Ramsey’s views, according to the complaint, he was fired. Read more about the lawsuit here.


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Introduces Bill To Protect Prayer In School

Saying “Every student deserves the opportunity to begin their day with a calm, silent moment,” South dakota Governor, Kristi Noem wants to “restore protections for prayer in schools.”  On Monday the governor introduced a draft bill that would require public schools to have a moment of silence each morning that would last up to one minute and would be free of interference from school officials. The bill does not require that the moment be used for prayer, although it does list prayer alongside other activities, including meditation and reflection, that are often conducted during such brief events. Each student would decide how the moment of silence is used. Read more about the bill here.


Wife Prays On Phone With Husband Trapped By Kentucky Tornado

The wife of a Kentucky man who was trapped under a collapsed candle factory in the aftermath of a tornado touchdown says she prayed with her husband over the phone while he was trapped.  Courtney Saxton, 38, said she spoke with her husband, Mark, Friday night as he was trapped under debris from the Mayfield Consumer Products factory after tornadoes tore through the area. She kept saying to him, “keep fighting,” and that God would “work it out.” And keep fighting he did. Her husband, Mark Saxton survived the ordeal with minor scrapes and bruises. Mark’s wife, Courtney, faced her own harrowing ordeal as she and the couple’s five kids hunkered down in a bathtub as the tornado tore the roof off their home. Read more about their ordeal here.



December 16th – Luke 2:8-20

Luke 2: 8-20

The birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was a once in a lifetime world changing event. So you’d think God would reveal the glorious happenings to kings, scholars, and the prominent religious leaders of the day. But instead, God announced His gift to the world first to the lowly, simple, and outcast. Shepherds were considered spiritually unclean. Yet temple shepherds tending the unblemished lambs to be sacrificed, were the first to hear the news. How fitting. Because Jesus is the Lamb of God, with no blemish in Him to be found. The Lamb who came for to save the hurt, poor, downtrodden, and outcasts. The ones the world throws away, Christ gladly wraps in His arms of love, and extends His unmerited, amazing grace. So this Christmas, and everyday of the year, I give thanks for the wonderfully good thing the Lord did for me, and every other sinner in the world.