December 18th – Micah 5:2-4

Micah 5:2-4

I’ve heard it said that Christmas is about the insignificant becoming significant through Christ. And throughout the Bible we see how God does amazing things through not so amazing people. Jacob was discarded in a pit. David was the least of his brothers. Samuel, Moses, and Amos, were all were insignificant nobodies through whom God accomplished great things. The same goes for the city of Bethlehem. Considered a small and insignificant village, no one would have thought it a grand place for the birth of our Savior. Yet once again, God uses the small and unimportant of the world to show His glory and power. For where the world sees weakness, uselessness, and failure, God sees strength, worth, and victory. Qualities He sees shining brightly in us as well. And if we let Him, though us, God will do great and wonderful things for His kingdom.