December 19th – Zechariah 9:9-10

Zechariah 9:9-10

Did you know there are around 574 verses in the Bible predicting the arrival of Jesus? And Israel, waiting for that promised Messiah, clung to every promise. They reveled in the hope of their conquering King. One who would ride into the city of Jerusalem to gloriously slay Israel’s enemies and establish His rule by force. Only that’s not what happened. Jesus didn’t come riding on a glorious steed, swinging a mighty sword. Instead He came as a humble child, born in a stable. And as the Lamb of God, Christ brought with Him the unmerited gifts of peace, justice, and salvation for all. Through His death and resurrection, Christ did defeat not only Israel’s enemies, but ours as well. For His precious blood conquered sin, death, and the power of the evil One forever. And His mighty weapons of warfare are the same ones we should use for all battles. Love, humility, and self sacrifice.