December 22nd – Isaiah 52:7-10

Isaiah 52:7-10

It never fails. Every Christmas my mother buys socks for the guys in our family. And even though they give her a hard time, in reality they’re thankful for the fresh supply. And after all, feet are to celebrated at Christmas. Especially the feet of God’s messenger. Long before the mailman and email, news was spread through messengers. They ran for miles, far and wide, spreading the news entrusted to them. And their feet took the beating. They were dirty, callused, and ugly. Yet the feet bringing the news to a war torn, scared, and captive Israel, were a beautiful sight. For the feet of this messenger brought good news! Tidings of great joy and peace from the Lord. God had not forsaken His people, and the victory was His. The same glorious message given to us through the feet of a small babe lying in a manger.