December 23rd – Isaiah 4-:1-7

Isaiah 40:1-7

This year comfort is in short supply. But it is greatly needed with many suffering sickness, death, division, anger, and disappointment. Yet we needn’t despair. For there is great comfort to be found in the birth of our Lord. God is more than just our Creator. He is our Father in  heaven, our great Comforter saying, “I, even I am He who comforts you.” (Is. 51:12) He is our never ending source of relief, solace, and security. And His love for us so great, He sent His only begotten Son not only to bring salvation, but encouragement, tenderness, love, and consolation. A suffering Servant who brought hope and to comfort His people. So as we rejoice in our Savior’s birth, may we follow the example of the Lord, and take time to comfort all of God’s people who are hurting, and in need of love.