December 27th – Luke 2:25-35

Luke 2:25-35

How was your Christmas? Did you get that special gift you so desired? More than just a holiday of celebrating for us, Christmas is also the birthday of our Lord and Savior. So how about His gift? What do you think Jesus wants for His special day? We can find out through an encounter at God’s temple between Simeon, Mary, Joseph, and the small “Lord’s Christ”. First, Jesus wants our lives. Simeon waited a long time to see God’s promise fulfilled. But in the meantime, he lived in obedience and righteousness. Second He wants our praise and worship. When Jesus was placed in Simeon’s arms, the first thing he did was to joyfully thank and pay homage to God.  And finally, the Lord wants our purpose. Simeon’s purpose was to proclaim the Good News of Christ. And our purpose is the same, to lead others to the saving grace of Jesus. Christ gave to us the greatest gift of all, so shouldn’t be eager to give Him the gifts He wants as well?