January 9th – Hebrews 13:6

Hebrews 13:6

Too many times we put our confidence in the wrong things. And sadly, faith misplaced in possessions and people always leads to disappointment. In turn, disappointment leads to fear and anxiety. True peace can only be found through faith in God to meet all of our needs. And not just physical needs, but our need for security, safety, protection, and peace. I heard it said that fearless love never comes without facing fearful situations. And let’s face it, this world is filled with fearful situations. But God gives us His promise to never leave our side, no matter who or what we encounter. And when we put our faith in Him alone, we stand on the unshakable foundation of the Creator and Ruler of all things. So whatever the circumstance, or who tries to hurt us, we know we have nothing to fear. For with God as our helper, we too can confidently declare, “What will man do to me?”