January 10th – James 4:8

James 4:8

What if I told you that fear is a sin? How? Because fear stems from pride. And pride submits to no one, thinking we ourselves know best. It’s the same with fear. When we let fear dictate our actions, we’re telling God we trust more in that fear than in His promises. So how do we knock fear off the throne in our lives? In writing his letter to the Jews, James gives us the tools. Humility and faith. Humility is never an easy pill to swallow. Because admitting we are wrong, being vulnerable and submitting is hard. But when we come to God with a truly humble heart, He welcomes us with open arms, inviting us to draw near to Him. To in faith, leave our fear at the door and safely shelter in His mighty fortress. An impenetrable fortress of power, mercy, and wisdom. So draw near to Him, and lay your fears at the feet of Jesus. Give Him your sorrows, worries, tears, and anxiety. Receive His healing of your heart and mind, and walk in the Lord’s freedom!