Day: January 13, 2022

News Of The Day – January 13th

Ann Graham Lotz Asking For Prayers For her Daughter

The granddaughter of Billy Graham is in hospital after having two back-to-back heart attacks. Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of the late evangelist Billy Graham, is asking people to pray. Lotz’s daughter Rachel-Ruth was rushed to the hospital on Saturday. “She was rushed to the hospital on Saturday night with a heart attack, followed by a catheterization,” says Lotz on Tuesday with a Facebook post. “Sunday afternoon, she had a second heart attack, followed by another catheterization.”  According to Lotz, the doctors do not know what caused the heart attacks. Read more about Rachel-Ruth’s struggle here.


Board’s Approval Of After School Satan Club For Elementary Students Raising Eyebrows

Parents at an Illinois elementary school are expressing concern after the local school board approved a new extracurricular club for children that will be led by members of The Satanic Temple and held in school facilities. the so-called “After School Satan Club” was approved by the Moline-Coal Valley School District Board of Education.  The club will hold meetings at Jane Addams Elementary in Moline, Illinois, beginning immediately after school. It is open to children in first through fifth grade, although students first need permission from a parent. The school district said it had a legal obligation to approve the club, just as it approved an evangelistic Good News Club. Read more about the club here.


U.S. Religious Donations Rebound But Still At All Time Low

Donations to charities rebounded in 2021 among U.S. adults, although donations to religious organizations remained at an all-time low, according to a new Gallup survey. Eighty-one percent of American adults say they donated money to a charitable cause in 2021 – a major rebound from a poll in 2020 that found a record-low 73 percent answering that way. Donations to religious organizations, though, did not experience an increase, with only 44 percent of Americans – the same percentage as 2020 – saying they donated to a faith-based organization. It’s the lowest percentage in the history of Gallup, which began asking the question in 200. Read more about the poll here.


Christian Singer Natalie Grant Wows Audience With Rendition Of National Anthem

Acclaimed singer Natalie Grant’s rendition of the National Anthem during Monday’s college football championship game led to widespread acclamation. The nine-time Grammy-nominated Christian singer delivered a powerful rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner before the national championship game in Indianapolis between Georgia and Alabama that immediately drew applause from sports and non-sports fans alike. Grant stated, “Beyond grateful for the opportunity. Last words in my mind before the first note, ‘Jesus, be glorified.’” Read more about her performance here.



January 13th – Matthew 6:25

Matthew 6:25

For the past two hears, humanity has been involved in the turmoil of the pandemic. And the anxiety it’s caused has taken its toll in the lives of so many people! But we cannot let it oppress us nor enslave us! For there is a solution. And in God’s Word, Jesus taught His followers, who were also dealing with oppression, the steps to follow. Yes we should stop being worried, uneasy, and distracted. You might say it is easier said than done, but when you realize WHO you are putting your trust in, than you can freely rest on Him and put ALL your confidence in your Heavenly Father!

When we are worried and anxious about the material things of life we behave like pagans. Like idol worshippers, we set our trust on our own efforts and set out hearts on our needs. But our Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need, and in the exact time He will provide. But we need to trust Him enough to let go. What is distracting you from receiving the blessings of His Provision for each aspect of your life? Blessings, Mari