January 14th – Isaiah 41:13

Isaiah 41:13

I can remember as a child times of being afraid and looking for a trusted hand to grasp for reassurance. And the moment I wrapped my tiny fingers around the strong, protective ones of my chosen person, my fears subsiding. Young or old, we all need that hand to hold. The one that tells us, “Everything will be alright. I’ve got you. And I won’t let you go.” We have that mighty hand in God. Our loving Father and Friend, He is always there, day and night saying to us, “Don’t be afraid. No matter matter what you face, you don’t have to face it alone.” God will never leave nor forsake us. Never will He let us face our struggles alone. Instead with every step we take, He is there. And not just walking beside us, but literally offering His loving hand of help.  A hand not just to calm our fears, but to pull us out of every fear, trial, and tribulation.