January 15th – 1 Peter 3:14

1 Peter 3:14

No one is immune to the feelings of fear and anxiety. Not even the apostle Peter. Throughout the ministry of Christ, Peter was by His side helping, learning, and personally seeing the miracles our Lord performed. Even so, when confronted by an angry crowd after the arrest of Jesus, Peter denied knowing his Savior. And not once, but three times. Why? Because fear, even for a disciple, isn’t easy to overcome. Not easy, but not impossible when we work in God’s power instead of our own. It is God’s power that allows us to live differently from the world. For when we sanctify Christ in our hearts, we need ‘t be troubled. For the Lord gives us a peace that nothing and no one can take away. And by keeping our focus on God we can, like Peter, walk safely on the most troubled waters hand in hand with the Lord.