Day: January 18, 2022

January 18th – Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28

In this fallen world disappointments and discouragements are an unfortunate part of life. After all, we are all sinners living among sinners. Therefore we’re bound to experience trouble. Which is why this verse is one we should not only memorize, but hold unto tightly. For in this verse there is hope. I truly believe if we will only rest in this massive promise, our lives will be more solid and stable. And when Satan sends those negative thoughts that try to bowl us over, we will be able to stand strong! How you ask?

When you are hurting find God’s purpose in your suffering by prayerfully asking yourself:

  • Could God be using this trial to increase my faith?
  • Could God be using this trial to build my character?
  • Could God be using this trial to prepare me to better serve Him and others in some way?

Answering these questions will help you discover God’s plan for your life. And I can honestly promise you, that when you see the “big picture” (the one with God in it and on it!), you not only will be able to stand, but find yourself happy, rejoicing, and giving thanks for it all!!

Blessings, Sue


News Of The Day – January 18th

Tulsa Pastor Rubs Spit On Face Of Man During Sermon

While we are still fighting the covid  pandemic, a Tulsa pastor is stirring controversy after he was seen wiping spit on a man’s face during his sermon Sunday. Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church made some people in the crowd and online uneasy during the demonstration as he wiped spit onto the face of another parishioner to show that “receiving God’s vision can sometimes be nasty.” After receiving backlash Todd stated, “That was gross. I want to validate everybody’s feelings,” he said, apologizing. “That was a distraction to what I was really trying to do.” Read more about the disgusting act here.


Governor Phil Murphy Signs Law protecting Abortion Rights

A bill affirming abortion rights has passed in New Jersey while a looming U.S. Supreme Court decision means that the future of choice remains uncertain nationwide. The Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act was signed Monday by Murphy. In a statement, Murphy praised the “historic legislation” as a necessary precaution with the United States Supreme Court slated to rule on a case that could reverse or chip away at Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide. New Jersey Republicans opposed the legislation. “This bill and the rhetoric we’ve heard from the other side is: any abortion, at any time, for any reason,” said Assembly member Jay Webber this week. Read more about the bill here.


How Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker Helped Fellow Jewish Hostages

On Saturday, a stranger knocked on the door of Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas. The rabbi, Charlie Cytron-Walker, assuming the stranger needed shelter from the cold, invited him in and made him tea. But moments later, the stranger made clear he had a gun and took the rabbi and three others hostage. The ordeal dragged on for 11 hours. “In the last hour of our hostage crisis, the gunman became increasingly belligerent and threatening,” Cytron-Walker said. But the rabbi knew what to do.  a statement provided to CNN. Cytron-Walker waited for the right moment before throwing a chair at the assailant, buying enough time for himself and two others to run out. Read more about his heroic efforts here.


Man comes To Christ After Finding Lost Bible

Victory Church Pastor Paul Daugherty lost his personal bible fifteen years ago, and now that bible has been found and is helping another person. The bible had belonged to Daugherty for many years and he even made it his own journal, filling it with notes, underlines, and thoughts scribbled throughout. Daugherty learned that the bible was found at a local shelter by a man named Clayton many years ago who has treasured it ever since finding it. At the beginning of January, Clayton showed up at Victory showing the bible to Paul, and then started attending church at Victory to hear Paul preach. The Bible remains with Clayton where Pastor Paul says it should stay. Read more about the encouraging find here.