Day: January 21, 2022

Living Our Best Life – Psalm 1

Psalm 1

In Psalm 1 we are being asked a basic question. Do you want the very best for your life and to be blessed by God? I think it’s pretty safe to say that all of us would answer with a resounding “Yes!” Well it just so happens that this Psalm also gives us a blueprint to do just that! …

January 21st – Mark 5:36

Mark 5:36

There’s no better barometer for the depth of our faith than when we’re in the middle of a crisis, or knee deep in fear. The synagogue official Jarius had just lost his daughter. And he came to Jesus in search of a miracle. But instead of comforting him Jesus told the man, “Just believe.” Christian theologian, John Walvoord once said, “Believing is accepting as a fact and making a commitment of your own future to the promises of God to save you; simply by believing in Christ.” When our hearts are broken, our fears overwhelming, and our spirits in turmoil, it is our belief in God and His promises that gets us through. For the “Lord is good to all, and His mercy is over all that He has made.” (Ps. 145:9) Those around Jarius told him to give up and move on. But because Jarius choose belief over fear Jesus gave Jarius that miracle. And when we too obey Jesus and “just believe”, He will work miracles for us as well!